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"Jim graduated from UCLA with a degree in Computer Science (and Mathematics) in 1985. Which means he was in the field long before Microsoft opened their first Window.

Jim went to work for Systems Development Corporation in Santa Monica as a systems analyst. He was granted a “Secret” Clearance and started work on a modeling program for a Lunar Base.

Then in true Internet style, Jim started his first start-up. With two partners he founded Computer Age Dentist, Inc., in 1987. As Chief Technology Officer, Jim oversaw development from a small "boutique" consulting firm to a national business with over 50 employees and over 2500 customers nationwide. Like many successful entrepreneurs his job description evolved continually including experience in every aspect of hardware, creation of proprietary software programs, constant customer contact and support, and even training of the sales staff on how to sell, train and support the customer. Eventually Computer Age Dentist was acquired by Medical Dynamics (which has subsequently been aquired by Practiceworks AMEX: PRW) and is still an important force in its chosen market.

In 1996 Futuredontics, Inc.(1 (800) DENTIST), recruited Jim to head their Information and Technology division. And to help this successful telephone based information service created its own full-service Internet e-commerce business—Smileworks.com. Jim brought the site on-line in less than 9 months with a project cost over $1 Million. Under his supervision were two outside design firms and an internal team of coders. And he personally oversaw the design and implementation aspects of the software side of the web site. The site launched in October 1999 with a $30 Million consumer ad campaign. Unfortunately, its ultimate commercial success is yet to be determined, but you can profit from Jim’s experience without spending even a fraction of $30 Mill.

Jim went looking for new challenges and a more entrepreneurial opportunity and found it at Boatsdirect.com. As Director of Technology, he investigated and determined the best e-commerce solution for the company. He looked at CRM, ERP & Workflow vendors ranging from Goldmine to Trilogy and including IBM, Siebel and Silknet.

Headed up the decision making process on choice of database systems (MSSQL vs. Oracle) and web platforms (NT vs. Unix/Sun/Linux). Converted several companies from Internet email to a Microsoft Exchange server. Developed internal Microsoft Access application to manage customer tracking.

In July 2000, Jim restarted his consulting career with his first client. Flint, Inc. This advanced technology based company asked for his help to design the technology sections of their business plan as well as create their first budgets. Subsequently he converted the business plan to an on-line version connected to the main web page. Rolling up his sleeves Jim also set up company network, MS Exchange email server, NT 4.0 file servers, as well as the company intranet, which serves as the company’s knowledge management system with differing levels of security for access to specific parts of the intranet. This company is now known as BTOAuto.

Jim’s second major client, eHobbies, asked him to come on staff and manage a project list of over 40 items with a staff of 15. His main responsibilities included the stability of their Website, corporate connectivity and their powerful bulk email engine. He also oversaw the implementation of a new ERP system based on Microsoft Commerce Server 2000, Biztalk Server and Great Plains Enterprise. Unfortunately for eHobbies, these modifications came too late to save a flawed business plan. Fortunately for you, these hard-earned lessons can help you and your future business avoid these identifiable mistakes."

Jaci Sisson, SVP, Creative Director, Daily & Associates

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